Monday, December 28, 2015

Update: NotifierLight 1.2.6

Right before the end of 2015, NL gets an update. In fact I have to focus on other projects, there will be no updates for a longer time.

Of course I will keep an eye on RGB LED devices and post news about it sometimes.

OK, now to the change log NL version 1.2.6:
  • Changed: Session Locked Plugin now has a 2 secs delay between events
  • Changed: 5 secs connection delay after application start
  • Changed: NL now includes the type of the BlinkStick devices (Pro, Strip, Square, Nano, Flex)
  • Changed: Minor changes for the new BlinkStick devices. 
  • Fixed: Minor fixes.
  • Known Issues: The new BlyncLight devices does not work at the moment. I need some more information of how to control them correctly first. 

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