Friday, November 7, 2014

Device Introduction: Kuando Busylight

Kuando Busylight is another professional device for your office. Besides Microsoft Lync it is compatible to many other phone applications like ESTOS ProCall, Swyx Softphone and so on.

The use cases are again: Don´t be interrupted while in a phone call or in a important task.

Busylight can glow or flash in very bright RGB colors. With the tape on it´s foot (180° turnable) it can be fixed on many surfaces, on top of your monitor, directly on your desk or your noise insulation wall.

A highlight is the internal memory chip with ringtones. Besides a red flash light on a incoming call for example, it can play a sound (not sure if the provided Busylight software supports this but it can be realized with the Busylight SDK anyway).

Busylight also offers a SDK for own applications. With this SDK you can control the light and also the sounds.
In NotifierLight we don´t use this SDK but communicating directly over HID.
NotifilerLights supports the RGB light for the Lync and the UC versions of Busylight. At the moment we haven´t planed to integrate a function for the ringtones.

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